September 20, 2023
Practice Velocity EHR

The Secrets To Practice Velocity EHR

Practice Velocity is an electronic health record (EHR) software designed to streamline the process of managing patient medical records and other related tasks within a healthcare organization. It is a comprehensive system that allows healthcare providers to access, store, and share patient data in a secure and efficient manner.


One of the key features of Practice Velocity EHR is its ability to store and organize patient records electronically, which reduces the need for paper records and makes it easier for healthcare providers to access and update patient information. The system also includes tools for scheduling appointments, managing billing and insurance, and generating reports.


One of the benefits of using Practice Velocity is that it can help improve the accuracy and completeness of patient records. By storing all patient data in a single, centralized location, it is easier for healthcare providers to access and update information, reducing the risk of errors or missing data. Additionally, Velocity includes features such as alerts and reminders to help providers stay on top of important tasks and deadlines.

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Another benefit of Practice Velocity is its ability to improve communication and collaboration within a healthcare organization. The system includes tools for secure messaging and file sharing, which can help providers stay connected and work together more efficiently. It also includes a patient portal, which allows patients to access their own records and communicate with their healthcare providers through a secure online platform.


In terms of security, Practice Velocity includes multiple measures to protect patient data and ensure compliance with industry regulations. It uses secure servers and encryption to protect data in transit, and includes tools for managing user access and auditing activity.

One potential challenge of implementing Practice Velocity EHR may be the time and resources required to set up and customize the system. It is important to carefully plan the implementation process and allocate sufficient resources to ensure a smooth transition. Training may also be required to help staff become familiar with the new system and its features.

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Final Thought On Practice Velocity

Overall, Practice Velocity is a powerful and comprehensive EHR software that can help healthcare organizations streamline their processes and improve the quality of care they provide to patients. By centralizing and organizing patient records, improving communication and collaboration, and enhancing security, it can help providers work more efficiently and effectively, ultimately benefiting both the organization and its patients.

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Alternate of Practice Velocity EHR

iKnowMed EHR

iKnowMed is a comprehensive electronic health record (EHR) software developed by McKesson Corporation, a leading healthcare technology company. The software is designed to streamline the workflow of healthcare providers and improve the overall quality of patient care.

One of the key features of iKnowMed is its intuitive user interface, which allows healthcare providers to quickly and easily access patient information and perform various tasks. The software includes a patient dashboard that displays all relevant patient information in a single view, including demographics, allergies, medications, and lab results.

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In addition to the patient dashboard, iKnowMed also provides a range of clinical tools to help healthcare providers make informed decisions. These tools include a robust electronic prescribing module, which allows providers to quickly and accurately prescribe medications to their patients. The software also includes a decision support system, which provides clinical guidelines and alerts to help providers make informed treatment decisions.

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Another important feature of iKnowMed is its ability to securely exchange patient information with other healthcare providers. The software includes a secure messaging system that allows providers to communicate with one another and share patient information in real-time. This can be especially useful in cases where a patient is being treated by multiple healthcare providers, as it allows for better coordination of care.

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Benefits of iKnowMed

One of the main benefits of iKnowMed is its ability to improve the efficiency of healthcare providers. By streamlining the workflow and providing easy access to patient information, the software helps providers save time and reduce the risk of errors. In addition, the software’s clinical decision support tools can help providers make more informed treatment decisions, which can lead to better patient outcomes.

iKnowMed is also designed to be flexible and customizable, allowing healthcare organizations to tailor the software to meet their specific needs. The software can be easily integrated with other systems and applications, such as billing and scheduling systems, to create a seamless workflow.

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Overall, iKnowMed is a powerful and comprehensive EHR software that can significantly improve the efficiency and quality of care provided by healthcare providers. With its intuitive user interface, clinical decision support tools, and secure messaging system, iKnowMed helps providers deliver the best possible care to their patients.

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